Summer Time Blues...and other courses

When we think of summertime, we are sort of hard wired to think: “Schools out – let’s play.” I just got back from a road trip to Washington state for my summer vacation. Whales, boats, and mountains, oh my! But while I was away from my home base, I didn’t keep up a consistent songwriting schedule as I usually do. So instead, I went to summer school!

Rather than show up at a class or songwriting group in-person or meet online, I signed up for a course through If you haven’t taken advantage of this online course delivery site, check it out. Most of the classes are free, if you don’t need or want any formal certification. Currently, there are numerous music classes you might find enjoyable and enriching. Any one of them would offer a nice support to your songwriting skills without having to actually write songs!

I signed up for a course on the Blues, and I’m not just learning about the blues, I’m learning how to perform the blues as well. Other courses on music include music theory, music production, classical music, and even the Music of the Beatles. Click here for the list. And if you want to use your remaining summer time to brush up on marketing your music, there are classes on that as well.

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